It has always been Bilfinger Prefal's policy to participate in the development of insulation engineering, which later came to result in the leadership position, covering all fields of insulation and, decisively influencing this development.

We are now presenting a joint offer of industrial services: Insulation - Scaffolding

The classic types of insulation, namely thermal, cold, acoustic and fireproof, do not represent the whole in the field of insulation engineering, nor do they even give an indication of the importance of insulation as a whole. Sos, we will review below the types of applications that Bilfinger Prefal performs and of which we are experts with proven national and international level.

Thermal insulation

Insulation in columns, tanks, exchangers, preheaters, turbines, piping and related accessories, installations for gas exhaust fans and filters, incinerators, boilers, electrofilters, chimneys, etc.

Cold Insulation

Liquid gas plants, cooling towers, cold piping and related accessories, liquid gas tanks, gas plants (LNG), water treatment plants, air conditioning, etc.

Fire Proofing

Support structures for pipe racks, tank support, ventilation and air conditioning installations, tank skirts of all types, metal structures, etc.

Industrial Scaffolding