Health, Safety, Quality and Environment Policy

For Bilfinger Prefal, meeting our responsibilities to clients, employees, society and the environment means attaching the highest level of importance to issues relating to health, safety, environment and quality. Responsible and sustainable actions, the active integration of all employees as well as an open dialogue are the basic requirements for mutual success. Our demands go well beyond the fulfillment of legal requirements. We set goals, review the status of their fulfillment on the basis of standardized criteria and openly communicate issues. Through continuous improvement, we further develop our standards and anchor them in the consciousness of all employees.

Due to process differences, responsibility for the implementation and further development of specific health, safety, environment and quality measures lies with the subgroups and their operating units. We ensure that the subgroups are managed within the frame work of these principles and that sufficient resources are being applied. We actively support our subgroups in the implementation of our health, safety, environment and quality policy.



We create working conditions which maintain and protect the health of our employees.
We provide and use opportunities for passive and active preventive health care and for health maintenance.


We are convinced that it is possible to completely avoid accidents. Consistent compliance with safety regulations by all
employees, responsibility for each individual for him or herself and for the community as well as the impact of role models are
key components of our safety awareness and our safety culture, integrating and consulting employees.


We ensure that negative impact on the environment as a result of our business activities is reduced as much as possible.
Acting in a sustainable and environmentally aware manner in all our activities and decisions serves as a basis for this
approach and contributes to the achievement of constant improvements in environmental protection.


We are committed to the success of the services ordered. We provide our clients with products and services in a timely
manner which comply with contractually agreed levels of quality and legal requirements as well as the value benchmarks of the
society. We are on hand to develop optimized solutions together with our clients